Children's Dentistry

Children have their own unique needs when it comes to dentistry, and it’s essential to work with a family dentist who understands this in order to provide your little one with the best experience possible.

At Snyder & Winks Dental, our dentists love taking care of children, and they recommend that your son or daughter begins coming to our practice around the age of one-year-old. Even though it might seem early, these first visits with your children’s dentist in Willoughby helps your little one acclimate and feel comfortable in the dental chair.

We use this time to count and examine their teeth, as well as to educate parents about their child’s dental health and wellbeing. Parental support at home plays a significant role in children’s oral and overall development.

Why Baby (Primary) Teeth Are Important

Parents often wonder why we put so much emphasis on caring for baby teeth when they’re going to fall out soon. The truth is, your little one’s baby teeth play an essential role in their oral and physical development because:

  • They hold space for adult teeth and guide them into place when the time is right
  • They help your little one learn to eat and enjoy solid foods
  • They help your child begin to form their first words and talk

Protecting Your Child’s Smile

Your son or daughter’s smile is precious, and coming to your Euclid pediatric dentist regularly helps us protect their teeth with services like fluoride treatments and tooth sealants.

Fluoride is a mineral often found in drinking water; however, additional fluoride treatments during your child’s cleanings can help to strengthen their developing teeth. It doesn’t take any extra time to incorporate a fluoride treatment into your child’s routine six-month cleaning, and it’s a preventive service that is covered by most dental insurance plans.

Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating that Drs. Snyder or Dr. Winks paints over the chewing surface of your son or daughter’s back teeth. The coating flows to fill in the natural pits and grooves of their teeth and protects them from the acids that cause tooth decay and cavities. We’ve found that children with sealants on their teeth typically have fewer cavities than those without sealants.

Schedule Your Son or Daughter’s Next Dental Visit

We know that families have hectic schedules, and our dentists strive to make high-quality dentistry readily available for families in Highland Heights and Willoughby OH with two convenient locations and office hours designed to fit your busy schedule. If it's pediatric dentistry you are looking for, we welcome you to our family dental offices.

We would love to meet your son or daughter and care for their smiles now and into the future, so give us a call today to schedule their next dental visit.