Tooth Extractions

Helping you maintain your natural teeth for a lifetime is a primary goal at Snyder & Winks Dental; however, there are certain situations in which extracting a tooth becomes a better option to protect your dental health.

Dr. Ryan Winks completed a dental residency with the U.S. Navy where he received extensive training in oral surgery, which allows him to perform all types of oral surgery at our dental offices in Highland Heights and Willoughby, OH.

When Do You Recommend a Tooth Extraction?

There are a few different situations in which a tooth extraction is the best way to help you maintain good oral health. These are:

  • Gum disease – Advanced gum disease (periodontitis) can destroy soft tissues and bone to the point where a tooth extraction is needed.
  • Tooth infection – We can often save a tooth with an infection in its nerve with root canal treatment. If not, extraction is needed to eliminate the infection and protect your surrounding teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment – Teeth that are too crowded may need to be removed to make orthodontic treatment easier and more effective.
  • Wisdom teeth – It is recommended to remove most wisdom teeth for various reasons such as crowding, the inability to brush and floss them properly, or impaction (a tooth stuck beneath the gum line).
  • Treatment with dentures or partials – Patients choosing to restore their smile with a full or partial denture will need to have teeth removed to make space for their appliance.

We Offer Gentle Tooth Extractions

If the idea of a tooth extraction has you feeling anxious or overwhelmed, you can rest assured that your dentist in Willoughby is here to help. Dr. Winks is experienced and gentle, and our compassionate team makes your comfort their top priority.

At Snyder & Winks Dental, we also offer different options for dental sedation that can help you relax during your tooth extraction procedure.

We will also be here to guide you and support you through your recovery process if you have any questions or concerns.

The Importance of Replacing a Missing Tooth

Once you have a tooth extracted, our dentists recommend that you replace that tooth as soon as possible to protect your dental health. Replacing a missing tooth protects against the movement or shifting of neighboring teeth, and also restores function and beauty to your appearance.

Our dentists may suggest options such as dental implants, bridges, or full or partial dentures to replace missing teeth and restore your smile.

We’re here to help you restore and maintain your beautiful smile at Snyder & Winks Dental. Give your Cuyahoga County, Ohio dentist a call today to learn more about how we can make the tooth extraction process smooth and comfortable. We welcome patients from all over the greater Cleveland area.