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Drs. Snyder and Dr. Winks understand that leading-edge technology not only makes dental procedures more streamlined and efficient; it also provides our patients with a better experience. You will find both our locations equipped with the latest dental technology.

Take a look here at what you can expect when you visit us.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays provide us with the most precise and best image, which helps our dentists to diagnose concerns like gum disease and tooth decay in their earliest stages. They are also available immediately, so you can receive a prompt and timely diagnosis and get the treatment you need faster.

Digital x-rays also emit about 80 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays taken in the past, making them much safer for our patients. They are also safer for the environment since there are no chemicals required for their development.

Intraoral Camera

Would you understand why your tooth needs a crown if you could see the fracture in your tooth? What if you could see the damage that tooth decay was causing to your tooth? You'd probably be ready for that filling right away!

This is precisely what our intraoral camera allows us to do. Show you why you need specific treatment procedures with full-color pictures of your teeth and mouth. With the help of the intraoral camera, you'll be able to decide exactly what treatment procedure are best for your smile.

Digital Sensors

Digital sensors allow us to achieve the best dental imaging possible while providing the most comfortable experience for you, the patient. Whether it's a full-color picture with our intraoral camera or an image through an x-ray, digital sensors provide us with the most precise imaging, which allows for a better diagnosis.

Digital Records

We're excited to utilize digital records at Snyder & Winks Dental! Keeping patient files organized through our computer system streamlines the process for both our dentists and our patients. We have easy access to patient records, photos, and tooth charting through our digital files, and we're able to communicate more quickly and effectively with other medical providers and dental insurance companies with digital records.

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