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Do I really need to take x-rays? Are they safe?

We utilize x-rays to help diagnose tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and many other dental concerns as early as possible. X-rays also help in planning dental implant treatment because we can ensure that your bone is healthy and able to support a tooth implant properly. We love to help our patients understand their treatment needs and show them exactly what is going on with their teeth and mouth using x-rays and pictures.

Because we use digital x-rays at Snyder & Winks, they are much safer for our patients since they only emit a minimal amount of radiation, about 80 percent less than what was needed to take x-rays in the past. In fact, you receive more radiation from spending a day outside in the sun than you do from your dental x-rays. Digital x-rays also protect our environment because they require no chemicals for development.

We typically recommend one set of bitewing diagnostic x-rays be taken each year to help us monitor your dental health. A full-mouth series of x-rays is recommended every three to five years, while we use smaller, more focused images (periapical x-rays) if you are having pain or issues with a particular tooth.

If you have questions about your dental health or the x-rays recommended for you, give your Cleveland area dentist a call today. 

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