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At Snyder & Winks Dental, we accept all types of dental insurance plans. We are happy to help you understand the ins and outs of your particular insurance plan as each one is unique. We will help you ensure that you make the most of your dental benefits throughout the year.

Please contact our Highland Heights or Willoughby office for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We utilize x-rays to help diagnose tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and many other dental concerns as early as possible. X-rays also help in planning dental implant treatment because we can ensure that your bone is healthy and able to support a tooth implant properly. We love to help our patients understand their treatment needs and show them exactly what is going on with their teeth and mouth using x-rays and pictures.

Because we use digital x-rays at Snyder & Winks, they are much safer for our patients since they only emit a minimal amount of radiation, about 80 percent less than what was needed to take x-rays in the past. In fact, you receive more radiation from spending a day outside in the sun than you do from your dental x-rays. Digital x-rays also protect our environment because they require no chemicals for development.

We typically recommend one set of bitewing diagnostic x-rays be taken each year to help us monitor your dental health. A full-mouth series of x-rays is recommended every three to five years, while we use smaller, more focused images (periapical x-rays) if you are having pain or issues with a particular tooth.

If you have questions about your dental health or the x-rays recommended for you, give your Cleveland area dentist a call today. 

Since every patient is unique, their treatment needs vary greatly. We personalize treatment for our patients at Snyder & Winks Dental, so the cost of every treatment plan is different. The best way to determine what your own treatment needs are and how much your procedures will cost is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Snyder or Dr. Winks. We have three convenient locations to serve you in Willoughby, Euclid, and Highland Heights, OH.

You will find that we take the time to get to know you so we can understand your goals and desires for your smile, which allows us to make recommendations based on your needs. We also make sure you understand all of your treatment options so you can make a final decision on the procedures that work best for your goals, lifestyle, and budget.

We work with all types of dental insurance plans to help our patients get the most from their dental benefits. We are happy to review your own plan with you and help you understand your benefits as every dental insurance plan is different and can be tricky to understand.

Please contact Snyder & Winks Dental today to learn more about your treatment needs and your payment options.

Combining the talents, training, and expertise of our three dentists at Snyder & Winks Dental allows us to complete most dental procedures in-office. However, if our dentists feel that it is in your best interest to see a specialist, we will refer you to a trusted provider, and we always work closely with them to ensure that you receive the best outcome.

Dr. Jennifer Snyder completed a residency to further her training many different fields of dentistry, such as periodontics and children's dentistry. She is also certified to provide various types of dental sedation and treatment with ClearCorrect and Invisalign.

Dr. Ryan Winks has extensive training and completed a residency with the U.S. Navy that allows him to provide most types of oral surgery at our Cleveland, Ohio area dental offices. This makes it convenient for patients who may need a tooth extraction due to a dental emergency or other situation to get the treatment they need with the team they trust.

Dr. Thomas Snyder has helped hundreds of patients with root canal treatment in Highland Heights. He also helps patients by restoring function and beauty to their smiles with a focus on prosthodontics (tooth restorations) and full mouth reconstructions.

Contact Snyder & Winks Dental today to learn more about how we can help you maintain your healthy and beautiful smile!

Providing a comfortable patient experience is one of our primary goals at Snyder & Winks Dental. Our dentists invest in all of the latest advancements in technology to provide a state-of-the-art experience for every patient visit. Much of the newest technology is designed to minimize patient discomfort and make dental procedures more efficient.

Dr. Snyder and Dr. Winks are kind, gentle, and experienced in delivering treatment that is comfortable and pain-free. We also offer options for dental sedation whether you just need to "take the edge off" to relax, or you need a more profound relaxation to complete your dental treatment. We are happy to discuss your options and the different levels of dental sedation that we offer with you.

A welcoming and caring environment goes a long way in helping patients feel at ease. Your dentists in Ohio have hand-selected staff members that share the same level of respect and compassion that we have for our patients. Whether you choose to make our Euclid, Willoughby, or Highland Heights dental practice your dental home, you will receive the same high standard of care. You will feel welcome and a part of our family every time you visit our Cleveland, Ohio area dental offices. 

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